Questions about Orgasmic Meditation (Ep1)

Mark from Canberra emailed me with some questions after listening to the first episode of Love, Canberra. I replied on the basis of what I've learned in talking to Smita and Si and doing my own research about OM.

Mark was happy for me to share his questions on here. He wrote:

If I may I'd like to ask a couple of questions which came to mind when listening to your podcast. 

Is the use of latex gloves by the stroker meant to provide a level of physical, and so psychological and emotional, separation between stroker and strokee?

Is the stroker always male? As OM seems to be 'transactional' from stroker to recipient, thus not a sexual experience between a couple, could two females be involved? Or, in a patriarchal society, is a male stroker being devoted to an OM recipient's state part of reaching that state? 


Thanks for your questions, Mark - and thanks for listening!