Seeking stories

According to the ACT Government, the population of Canberra is approaching 400,000. 

On my podcast, I have so far featured ten Canberrans. 

Are you, or someone you know, one of the remaining hundreds of thousands of Canberrans who has a story that you could share with me and Love, Canberra? 

Here are a handful of the stories I'm hoping to explore on the show:

  • An unlikely love story
  • Significant imbalance in a relationship: money, status, looks, intelligence, talent, friends
  • Pick-up artist
  • Found one true love and lost them
  • Break-up
  • Fetish for a particular ethnicity
  • Unusual sexual fetish
  • My partner doesn’t/can’t give me one thing I really need
  • Interracial dating
  • Someone you had a secret crush on and can’t forget
  • Cheated on a partner
  • Addicted to porn
  • Male escort
  • Female escort
  • A long, possibly happy, possibly unhappy, marriage
  • Death
  • An imbalanced friendship
  • An unlikely friendship
  • Having a child changed my relationship with my partner
  • Sex therapist
  • On entering a relationship that felt doomed from the beginning
  • Introverted but wanting connection
  • Canberra’s most boring couple
  • Great love story
  • Wanting someone you can’t have
  • Dating with an STD
  • Keep dating the “same” person
  • Dating on a low income
  • Don’t believe in love

Or maybe there's something else (relating to love, sex, or relationships) that you'd like to talk to me about on the podcast?

Get in touch! I don't bite :)