Hello Bello!

When I told Brittany Jezouit, creator of the Podcast Broadcast, that I had been accepted into AIR Media's summer 2016 Full Spectrum Intensive Storytelling Workshop, she expressed her excitement for me. And then she asked if I wanted to do a write-up about the workshop for a new project of hers. 

That write-up is now up, as is her new project, The Bello Collective, which she founded with Dana Gerber-Margie, behind The Audio Signal - another great newsletter about podcasts that I was also a subscriber to.

I say 'was' because the newsletter is no longer active - same with Podcast Broadcast. The book has closed on them both, with the new chapter being The Bello Collective. 

Read my piece here!

Love, Canberra on Friday Night Lip Service

Friday Night Lip Service is a rad show on the Canberra community radio station 2XXfm that's presented by a group of queer Canberran women. One of their presenters just so happens to be Daria, whom I interviewed in Episode Six - Asexual

Daria was very kind to make mention to Love, Canberra generally and the episode she was on specifically. You can hear all the lovely things she said about the show here (from 45:20).

Love, Canberra on the Filmspotting podcast

When I took Anthropology at university, I studied the text Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman.

I learned that '!' denoted the sharp clucking sound Nisa and members of her tribe made, which was a feature of their language system. 

On this occasion, many exclamation points would be appropriate, although they would have no relevance to the !Kung tribe's vocalisations. Instead, the many exclamation points I'd want to use in this post but won't (because it would be tacky and unprofessional) would symbolise my utter joy and excitement. 

Ah, what the hell.

Filmspotting mentioned Love, Canberra in the latest episode of their podcast!!!!!! That's Episode #577: Knight of Cups / FS Madness / May Marathon #3 - Mikey and Nicky!!!!!

The back story to this is, having been a listener of Filmspotting for the past year or so, I was well aware that Filmspotting is sponsored by Squarespace. In being so, Adam and Josh are in the habit of giving sites created using Squarespace a plug. So I wrote in, told them about the short-lived film podcast a friend and I did that had been inspired by Filmspotting, and said that I would be extremely grateful if they could give Love, Canberra a shoutout - because I've used Squarespace to create the website.

And they did.

And I noticed a massive spike in my listenership.

The power of podcast sponsorship!


Love, Canberra in Podcast Broadcast newsletter

Totally thrilled: Love, Canberra was mentioned not once, but twice in the first Australian edition of Brittany Jezouit's Podcast Broadcast newsletter! (n.b. Podcast Broadcast is now the Bello Collective so PB links no longer work)

Radio producer and founder of the Audiocraft festival Kate Montague said these lovely words about the podcast in her interview with Brittany:

And Love, Canberra was featured in Brittany's Top 15 list of best Australian audio storytelling:

In some seriously stellar company there!