Topic suggestion #1

Listener Mark writes:

I have met business partners, who are a couple, and own an escort agency. During busy times or a shortfall in the roster, the female partner services clients. Which brings me to what must be a core sex and relationships topic - How does being involved in Canberra's Sex industry affect the relationships of sex workers?

Particular questions are: Does being a sex worker make being in a relationship impossibly difficult; If not, is it better to be open or discreet about work with a partner; Is jealously a problem and are there other particular relationship stressors in the circumstances; How difficult is it to transition from work mode to intimacy with a partner;  Generally, are sex-workers' jobs kept secret from family and friends due to a fear of judgement; and, if so, what are the personal stress of a 'secret' life; etc.? 


If you are or know of a sex worker who would be interested in discussing with me what Mark has mentioned above, and other relevant subjects, do drop me a line x