Episode Seven - Single

After ten years of celibacy, Mordd had just started dating again. And then he got scammed on Tinder.

In this episode, Mordd also talks about dating as a bisexual man, and living with mental illnesses.

Show notes

  • "How not to get scammed on Tinder" by Mordd, published on The RiotACT
  • Mordd - IndyMedia's Facebook page
  • Mordd - IndyMedia's Twitter account
  • Mordd wanted to clarify that he doesn't normally consume as much caffeine or cigarettes in the span of time as he did when we were recording. It was his way of offsetting his anxiety about being interviewed. He adds that although his use of these is influenced by his mental health, he "normally tries to moderate his intake much more than is represented in the episode".


  • Intro and outro music is by ProleteR: "April Showers" and "Don't Mean a Thing".
  • This episode's interstitial music is courtesy of the fantastic Podington Bear: Low Jack, Filaments, 60s Quiz Show, Daydreamer, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jettisoned, Pineapple, Springtime.