Episode Thirteen - At first sight

Maria and Simon want you to know that love at first sight exists. They know, because it happened to them.

Show notes

  • Photos of Maria and Simon on the Love, Canberra blog.
  • Photos from their 2002 wedding and their vows on Simon's website.
  • Correction: in the intro, I accidentally said that Maria and Simon met in 1988. They actually met in 1998.


  • Intro and outro music is by ProleteR: "April Showers" and "Don't Mean a Thing".
  • My deepest thanks to Podington Bear, who created this episode's interstitial music: Frosted glass, Light touch, Chimera, Stuck dream, Old skin, Lime beat, Falling falling, All the ways, Pineapple, Djangle, Curious process, Program reverie, Got spark, Ever, Floating in space, Afterglow, Dreamliner, 60s quiz show, Saunter, Dowl, Just watching.