Episode Twenty Four - "Ugly"

One day, while browsing Craigslist's 'Personals' section, I came across a post titled 'Ugly female seeking handsome male'. I contacted the author, and this is her story.

Show notes:
+ Olivia's 'Ugly female seeking handsome male' post on Craigslist, plus the last one of hers I saw.
+RIP Craigslist's 'Personals' section. We'll miss you. Read Vox's piece on the FOSTA-SESTA, which explains why it closed.
+ Blog post accompanying this episode, All the Time in the World.
+ See you in six weeks!

Intro and outro music is by ProleteR: April Showers and Don't Mean a Thing
Interstitial music -
+ Stefan Netsman: Sun Records 5
+ Johan Hynynen: Speak Low, Walking South
+ Gunnar Johnsén: Empty Streets, Soft Mood 1
+ Gavin Luke: Immersion
+ Kevin Macleod: Fresh Air
+ Blue Dot Sessions: In Paler Skies, Fifteen Street
+ Podington Bear: Blue Blanket, All the Ways
+ Push N' Glide: Candy Floss STEMS DRUMS, U Cray
+ Monplaisir - IF
+ Sven Karlsson: Billyrocka 2 STEMS INSTRUMENTS
+ Johan Hynynen: Two More