Episode Twenty Six - Same same but different

It would not be an overstatement to call the story of Gaby and Kon’s relationship an epic. Theirs is a tale of young love, family conflict, a separation and reunion - and more besides. Cultural difference and similarity are the constants in their story, which they tell here.

Show notes:
+ This is the last episode for the year! Apologies for the late delivery. Take a look here to see why it took so long!
+ This episode, as with all episodes, was written, edited, produced by me, Evana Ho. A big thanks goes to my friend Kimmo (KV Productions) for some last minute noise reduction assistance!

Intro music is by ProleteR: April Showers
Interstitial music -
+ Björn Skogsberg: Opa Opa 1, Opa Opa 2
+ Cacti: Time To Wake Up (Instrumental Version)
+ airtone: nightRain
+ Podington Bear: Blue Blanket
+ Lee Rosevere: Memories
+ Stefan Netsman: Quentino 5 STEMS INSTRUMENTS
+ Kevin Macleod: Fresh Air
+ Jonatan Järpehag: Taste Of Coffee
+ Håkan Eriksson: Dust Bowl 2
+ Teddy Bergström: Small Moments 1
+ Emily Rubye: He Made It
+ Martin Carlberg: Crazy Good STEMS INSTRUMENTS (today’s outro)