Episode Seventeen - Purity

Korske Ara is one righteous dude. He believes in having a good time, doing good deeds, and spreading the good word about Jesus.

After six years travelling around Australia in his old Nissan Patrol, he's back in Canberra. He's working to take World Photo Day - which he founded - to the next level.

Here we talk about his adventures in becoming true blue, World Photo Day, his faith, and his views on sex before marriage.

Show notes


  • Intro and outro music is by ProleteR: "April Showers" and "Don't Mean a Thing".
  • My continued gratitude for Podington Bear, who supplied the interstitial music, along with Will Bangs. Old skin, Tra la la, Dust in sunlight, Pretty melody, Small bummer, Lazy river, Squiggly line - Podington Bear. Putting up with the bullshit, Finding the right perspective, We hear things so differently, Looking for that moment when time stands still - Will Bangs.