Episode Eighteen - The gift

Andrew always wanted to have children. And now he has James. The one catch: James belongs to his mothers, Natasha and Katrina.

Here, Andrew talks about how life hasn't quite gone as planned, and the joys of his relationship with James.

Show notes

  • Some parts of the episode will sound a bit strange. At the request of Andrew after we recorded our conversation, I replaced the names of some of the people referenced. 


  • Intro and outro music is by ProleteR: "April Showers" and "Don't Mean a Thing".
  • With humble thanks to Podington Bear, who supplied the interstitial music, along with Will Bangs. Delphi, By grace, Floating in space, Lazy river, Gathering, Back stairs, Dust in sunlight, Falling falling, Dulcet - Podington Bear. We hear things so differently - Will Bangs.