Episode Twenty One - Seventeen

The mind of a teenager can seem at times wholly unknowable and yet - we've all been there, haven't we? Lachie and I discuss photography, he and his peers' process of finding themselves, and his most important relationships.

Show notes:

  • A big thanks to Robert at PhotoAccess for putting me in touch with Lachie. The PhotoAccess exhibition, 'Muse', which Lachie exhibited Dad, 2017 in: bit.ly/2HRktoz
  • Time - my blog post accompanying this episode.


  • Intro and outro music is by ProleteR: April Showers and Don't Mean a Thing
  • MSFX: Merrow loopable
  • Reno Project: Little cookie
  • Podington Bear: Pretty melody, Dust in sunlight
  • Kevin Macleod: There is romance