Episode Twenty - Refuge

In Kaleen, a group of friends have been meeting every weekend for the past 30 years. Their commonality: they're Vietnamese refugees who immigrated to Australia in the wake of the Vietnam War. In this episode, I spend time with the remaining two couples of the group. We eat, walk, laugh, and share stories about the past and present.

Show notes
Migration story - my blog post accompanying this episode.


  • Intro and outro music is by ProleteR: April Showers and Don't Mean a Thing.
  • Blue Dot Sessions: Fifteen street, In paler skies, Temporal slip, Heliotrope
  • Jamie Evans: Opening doors
  • Lee Rosevere: 10 4th avenue walkup, As I was saying, Dream colours, Expectations, Sad marimba planet, More on that later, I thought of pills 
  • MSFX: Sad kingdom loopable
  • Jon Luc Hefferman: Curious, Departures
  • Kai Engel: Passages, Cold war echo, Scenery, 
  • Airtone: Departures, Night rain
  • Podington Bear: Aim is true
  • Kevin Macleod: Danse Morialta